Our Volunteers and Staff

Volunteers - The Heart of our Ministry

Family Life is blessed to operate with approximately 60 volunteers who are committed to serving with us. Many of our volunteers have been with us since the ministry began in 1982. Others have joined us upon retirement and take their job as serious as any paying position. Learn more about some of our wonderful volunteers. Check out our Volunteer Spotlight pages!

Director: Jane Gunter

Volunteers at Family Life are led in their service to the community by our director, Jane Gunter. As the founding director with her husband Ted, they formed the ministry around their kitchen table. The need for a food and crisis intervention ministry in the Tri-Cities area of East Point, College Park and Hapeville, Georgia was the driving force for our inception. Jane has been instrumental in the foundation of many other ministries who seek to serve the needy.

Jane has served on Board of Directors, Ministerial Associations and Community Organizations. Jane was the President of Atlanta Airport Rotary Club for the year 2008-09. Her greatest service has been to raise her children and experience the blessing of more than 20 grandchildren. Many of her children and grandchildren volunteer at Family Life as well.

Office Manager: Katheryn Bennett

With us for more than 10 years, Katheryn takes on the responsibility for daily operation of the ministry. Ensuring food is available to stock our pantry, intake forms, volunteer workers and dissemination of information that is vital to our work. Grants, correspondence and non-profits requirements are handled from her desk as well.

Food Pantry, Pick-Ups and Deliveries: Daryl Spencer

Daryl is always on the go for Family Life. Responsible for making sure we have the food and supplies we need, he spends a lot of his time picking up food and other donations for Family Life. He makes sure the shelves get stocked and that we have bags, boxes and needed items for keeping the food pantry flowing. When his is not busy doing this, he is going on pick ups and deliveries and helping Katheryn keep donation receipts in order. If you drop by the ministry during business hours, you may see him working at the front desk. If you call for a pick up, you may get to meet this very busy young man.

Client Database: Donn Blosser

Donn is responsible for making sure our clients records of visits and services are entered into our client database. These records are vital in grant writing, ordering from the Food Bank and other areas where we seek funds and free services. Formerly a social worker, his knowledge of information is a plus in helping clients with questions and in need of direction. He also uses the internet to sign up clients for available services such as Food Stamps and Medicaid.

Fulton County Schools
School counselors and social workers, please CLICK HERE to go directly to your service referral application.

For Senior Citizens For more information on our services to senior citizens, please CLICK HERE.

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