Assistance Referrals

Should you find yourself in need of our assistance, or if you want to refer someone to us for assistance, you should take the following steps:

* Check our qualifications to make sure we can provide assistance. If you are not able to meet our qualifications, please check with some of the agencies listed on ourAdditional Resources page.

* Download our Intake Form and complete it.

* Gather the information listed below:
Valid Picture ID:   This can be a driver's license or other identification card.
Proof of Residency:   (NOTE: This can not be more than 30 days old.) Examples are: Utility Bill (Gas or Electric), Rent Receipt, Anything that has been postmarked and has your name, address, and a valid date.
Birth Certificates:   These must be presented to prove the children belong to the adult.

* Bring your Intake Form and supporting documents to us. For directions to our location, please click here.

Fulton County Schools
School counselors and social workers, please CLICK HERE to go directly to your service referral application.

For Senior Citizens For more information on our services to senior citizens, please CLICK HERE.

Family Life Ministries, Inc.
Phone: 404-761-6302
Fax: 404-761-0469



Where to Find Us
Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 91472
East Point, GA 30364

Physical Address:
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