Sponsor A Food or Supply Drive

Would you like to sponsor a food or supply drive for Family Life Ministries? GREAT! Successful food and supply drives depend upon planning and organization. Please Contact Us when you begin planning your food or supply drive and let us help! Here are the steps you need to take when conducting your drive:

* Choose a date, time, and collection point for your food drive.
* Determine the length of the drive (usually no more than two weeks).
* Please let us know in advance when you will be holding your drive.
* Set up your collections bins in an indoor, visible place.
* Ask people to drop off items in bags (they are easier to handle).
* Glass jars or bottles should be stacked in a smaller tub away from canned foods.
* Make a copy of our list of needed items on brightly colored paper. At the bottom of the page, you can insert details about your food drive, such as when the drive will be held and where to deliver the items.
* Many groups choose to staple these lists to brown paper grocery bags. (Many grocery stores will donate brown bags if you tell them it's for a Food Drive.) That way, people can take the brown bag to fill while they shop. (Or you can do without the bags and just distribute the flyers.) It's up to you!

* Encourage leaders in your organization to send emails, voice messages and text messages promoting the drive. Consider goals or incentives. Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your event!
* BE CREATIVE! You can hold a food drive in many ways! The important thing is to make it fun and simple.
* Consider a theme for your drive. Some groups collect only one item, such as canned meats or beans. Other groups collect all the items on the list. Again, it's up to you - we can use it all!

* You can deliver the collected items to Family Life during the week day (please call in advance to schedule a time).
* Or, if you collect a large amount of food (usually more than 50 bags), we can come pick up the food (best time for us is Monday - Friday, 9AM to Noon) with our truck at the end of the Food Drive. Just let us know where to come. To schedule a food pickup, please contact our office at 404-761-6302 or 404-680-1743.
* Some groups want to schedule a work session at Family Life to bring in the collected canned goods and shelve them in our Food Pantry. We can usually accommodate only 3-6 people in our Food Pantry. To schedule a work session, please contact Katheryn Bennett at 404-402-4278 or send an email to flmhelps@aol.com.

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