Financial Contributions

It not only takes donations of food and goods to assist those in need, it also takes money. ALL financial contributions are greatly appreciated. Donations are Tax Deductible - We are a 501(c)3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible. Please Note: We DO NOT give money directly to clients.

There are several ways you can donate financially to Family Life Ministries:

Credit Card
You can donate to Family Life Ministries with your credit card at any time just by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of this page and following the instructions!

Please DO NOT send cash through the mail. We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and you can stop by during that time and give your donation to Katheryn or Jane.

You can drop checks by our office during office hours or mail them to us. Our mailing address is: P.O.Box 91472, East Point, GA 30364

Gift Cards
Gift cards to places such as local grocery stores are always appreciated. We can use these cards to purchase food, hygiene supplies and other items we need for clients.

Sponsor a Matching Grant
Matching Grants are wonderful opportunities for us. Someone commits to donating a designated amount of money if we raise the same amount in a given time - what a wonderful way to challenge other donors!

Planned Giving in Wills

Stocks and Bonds

Fulton County Schools
School counselors and social workers, please CLICK HERE to go directly to your service referral application.

For Senior Citizens For more information on our services to senior citizens, please CLICK HERE.

Family Life Ministries, Inc.
Phone: 404-761-6302
Fax: 404-761-0469



Where to Find Us
Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 91472
East Point, GA 30364

Physical Address:
612 College Street
Hapeville, GA 30354